Bonnie answered the call of salvation at eleven years of age. Forty years later she heard the voice of God calling her into full-time ministry. At that time she abandoned herself unto Him.

Born and raised in Canton, Ohio she held high regards for family, friends and the community. Although she had tremendous love for them and great appreciation for her fellow workers, she abandoned all to follow the voice of God. June 18, 2001 the Lord spoke to her saying, “Today’s the day, no more excuses!” Bonnie gave her resignation that day and five weeks later arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina to be enrolled at MorningStar School of Ministry.

To hear Bonnie speak of her walk of faith is amazing. She says, “I prayed for the faith of Abraham and Moses and boy did I get tested in all areas. So be careful what you ask for.” She spent only one year in the ministry school because the Lord sent her out in the wilderness to be taught by the Holy Spirit. It was a journey of faith by the highest standards. It consisted of fasting, praying, communion, hearing His voice and simply spending time in His presence. She says, “I come to understand how to be content in all things at all times. If you have Jesus, you don’t need anything else. He is my sustenance, my All in all.”

Over the next four years the Lord sent her many places in the United States. She never knew when she left home if it was for a weekend or months. She said it was an exciting time learning His voice, His ways and His will. No person could teach you the depth of understanding gained just by being in His presence – alone, abandoned unto Him.

The last place Bonnie was sent was Homer, Alaska where she lived eight months. Thousands of miles from home where she knew no one, the Holy Spirit began final preparations for her to later become Mrs. Bob Jones. In the spring of 2005 she returned to the Carolina’s and met Bob Jones that November. I can’t say it was love at first sight. I was in love with Jesus and that’s that! But Bob was very convincing. His first wife Viola passed that spring. Several weeks later the Lord told Bob that he had prepared a woman for him for four years and he would remarry. The Lord wanted Bob to live and carry on his ministry. This woman He prepared would help him to get where he needed to be and she would take care of him.

Bob and Bonnie married in the spring of 2006. They traveled extensively throughout the United States until Bob’s health declined. He was on dialysis for six months in 2008 and his health improved enough that he was able to stop treatment until January 2012. The latter years were difficult and they were unable to travel because of dialysis treatment three times a week.

They were an amazing team. Bob of course took the lead. He was one of a kind; he was a friend of God’s and knew His heart of love toward others. Bob was never shy on revelation and often said, “I’m not raising cripples.” He motivated everyone to get up and get going. He always wanted Bonnie at his side during ministry. Bob felt it was necessary for the body of Christ to see women coming alongside their husband. It was cute to watch them exchange loving looks toward each other. And her quick wit always broke the ice. They both said they were God’s favorite and they both said they married out of obedience and God did the rest. Although he was twenty years her senior you would never know it. They were like two youngsters in love and you could tangibly feel their love.

Bob Jones went home to be with the Lord on Valentines Day 2014. Bonnie was at his side. She said Bob was wearing a beautiful smile and the glory of the Lord shone on his face. Finally he was with his first love. One of the last things Bob told Bonnie was, “I took it as far as I could, now you take it on in.” Since Bob’s departure Bonnie continues to minister throughout the United States, Asia, Africa and Europe. Bonnie speaks the word in Spirit and truth through love delivering a must needed message for the current times. Through her passion for the Lord and quick wit, she delivers a power packed punch that drives home truth. She continues to expand on her late husband, Bob Jones, message “Did you learn to love?” as she reveals the heart of the Father for the harvest.

Bonnie is a loving mother, devoted grandmother and loyal friend. She loves spending time with family and friends. She has written several books including eight Shepherd’s Rods, Fruit of the Spirit, Poetry from the Heart, The Power of the Spoken Word and Did You Learn to Love.



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