The Father impressed on me that when Bob Jones encountered death he gained understanding of eternal life apart from God. But there is more to His story. In April 2010 He spoke to me saying, “Its the question that echoes out to all mankind through all eternity, did you learn to love?” He showed me that LOVE is a person named Jesus Christ.

In August 2016 the Lord spoke to me saying, “Decades ago I called unto Bob to register this slogan but he did not respond. Today I’m giving it to you. I want My question to go around the world in fashion. I am highly esteemed in this question because to learn to love is to fellowship with Me through others. When you fellowship with Me you learn My ways and love increases in your storehouse to overflowing. Then you generously hand it out for all to partake of.” In my spirit I understood what the Lord was saying. Bob shared this message many times over thirty-eight years and we’ve written a book about it but the Lord wants living billboards aka people wearing t-shirts etc. that asks His question. He wants people to read it and provoke them to ponder the thought.

Nike: “Just Do It,” Apple: “Think Different,” and Verizon: “Can You Hear Me Now?” are just a few companies that have taken their slogans around the world for many years. Thousands upon thousands have been walking billboards for secular products. All sorts of products have been created using slogans that have prospered large corporations. I believe God has a better plan for “His” slogan. He’s making a way for Christians to evangelize the world without even saying a word. The message literally speaks for itself no matter where you are; grocery store, airport, walking down the street, amusement park, etc. you become the billboard. Then when someone asks, “What does that mean?” You simply respond, “Did you learn to become like Jesus?”

Do you remember WWJD; What Would Jesus Do? That slogan asked a question that caused people to think about Jesus. It began an awareness campaign causing many to change their thoughts and actions. How much more will “did you learn to love?” cause people to stop and think? The “Did You Learn to LOVE?” product line is expanding as the Lord gives insight and direction. Our plan is to labor in the harvest field presenting His question to the unsaved as well as Christians who have never learned how to become a vessel of God’s love. Our desire is to spread the love of Jesus around the globe through “Love” seminars, conferences and media outlets. You can be a part of this evangelistic “LOVE” awakening by being a living billboard for Jesus. This is a global awakening and the question that goes around the world, “Did You Learn To LOVE?



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