Lyn heard Jesus calling him in his early 20’s and took a radical turn. He spent the first 6 years of Christian life in Ohio working with numerous musicians, artists, ministries and churches. He has led worship in many different settings; non-denominational, denominational, Messianic, ex-Amish, and even in secular arenas, festivals and conferences. He is called in “The Order of Sting” and mainly leads worship from behind the bass. Currently he leads worship at "Abundant Hope Church".

In August 2000 he moved to the Charlotte, NC area to attend MorningStar School of Ministry. After graduating he moved to New Zealand in 2005 for a year to further his studies. Upon returning he met and married God’s choice, Katie. Together they have been blessed with Olivia, Avalyn, Sophia and Baby Boy. By 2008 Lyn began working for “Bob Jones Ministries” as the administrator and website manager, and began travelling, training and ministering with Bob and Bonnie. Like the prophet Nathan, he delivers words through the gift of faith. His love for the Truth is evident as he moves in the gift of teaching. Lyn loves to teach on “Time, Space and Eternity”, “Our Identities in Christ”, “Faith, Hope and Love” and “Glory, Power and the Kingdom”. He always enjoys revealing truth and helping others encounter the Heavenly realm.

Lyn has co-written The Shepherd's Rods 2014-2017, is writing a book on hearing and interpreting God’s voice and has released a solo album entitled “The Process of Progress”. He periodically teaches and leads worship throughout the world.



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