On August 8, 1975 Bob Jones experienced death and stood before the Lord in heaven. As he stood in line awaiting entrance into the heart of Jesus, he heard the Lord asking the same question to each person ahead of him. Bob said, “In death the only question the Lord will ask you is, “Did you learn to Love?””

All of your good deeds, awards, accomplishments and financial worth accounts for nothing. In the end the only thing that matters to the Lord is love. Did you learn to become like Him? Did you manifest His nature to others in your daily life? Did you lay down your life for your brother and prefer your neighbor before your self?

The people in line ahead of Bob entered into the heart of Jesus. Bob was prepared to answer “yes” and enter in as well however the Lord raised His hand indicating, “stop.” He told Bob that the devil killed him before his time because he was bringing God’s truth to the church regarding abortion, meth labs, and homosexual disease. These things were unheard of in 1975.

The Lord asked him to return to life on earth. After looking at the line of people entering in to eternal darkness Bob agreed to go back. The Lord told him he would live to see the beginning of the greatest harvest of all times; one billion souls and mainly youth. He gave Bob a message to bring to the leaders and body of the end-time church, “Did you learn to Love?”

Bob Jones spent the next thirty-nine years bringing that message to the church because it’s the only question the Lord will ask you when you stand before Him in death. The people in the other line were going into eternal darkness with the god they worshipped on earth. For some it was their money while for others it was drugs, alcohol or themselves because they were atheist. Although each person in the other line recognized Him, it was too late. The decision to accept Christ is made before death on earth.

Bob Jones was known as a contemporary prophet with a great love for the Lord Jesus and His truth. His prophesies spanned over four decades as the Lord enabled him to foretell earthquakes, tidal waves, comets, and weather patterns. Like Daniel who functioned at an incredible level, Bob often told leaders their dreams and experiences, as well as the interpretation.

Bob ministered to church leadership and reached the multitudes with His love and truth, equipping the saints with understanding of the spiritual gifts. It’s the message that rings out to all mankind through all eternity “Did you learn to Love?”



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