From the Point of Prayer: 2006 - 2014

In 2006 after MorningStar began restoring the Heritage property, Bob and Bonnie Jones would walk around the nearby lake each day; starting and ending their journey at the Historic Tram Stop which overlooks the lake. Bob would say it was a good time to walk and pray. About half way around the lake they would stop at a triangular point jetting out a couple feet from the walkway.

They would stop at the diamond point to release prophetic decrees from it. They would pray and prophesy over the Body of Christ, Church Leadership and their families, the land, the area’s ministers and ministries, local, state and national government, Israel and its leaders and anything else the Lord laid on their hearts. Their prayer point coincidentally aims directly at the now Bob Jones Vision Center.

The Prophecy of 40,000 Youth

Many years ago Bob had a vision of forty thousand youth coming to the grounds around the Heritage property. At the time of the vision much of the Heritage property was open fields, however today that same land has been developed into housing units. It was Bob’s hope that forty thousand youth would gather in the open fields to worship God. As with many prophetic words,  the physical fulfillment is often different than we envision them.

Inspiration for the Historic Tram Stop

For almost a decade MorningStar desired to see the restoration of the Tram Stop. They, however, didn’t want to restore something without having a purpose for it, and so they waited on the Lord for directions. On Feb 14, 2014 (Valentine’s Day) Bob went home to be with the Lord. Inspired by the impact of his life and ministry, MorningStar got a vision for the Historic Tram Stop that involved the prophetic call for the region with 40,000 youth.

They began planning the restoration and transformation of the Tram Stop with a desire to flood the premises with Prayer, Praise and Prophecy; and to honor  the life and ministry of God’s friend Bob Jones.