The Jordan River Vision

The Jordan River Vision

December 05, 1995

By Bob Jones

The vision begins with myself, Rick, Bobby, and Ricky Skaggs traveling in a white land rover all terrain vehicle. We were as the four lepers found and described in 2 Kings 7. As we were traveling in this white land rover we approached the Jordan River and noticed that it was during the flood season much the same way it must have appeared when Joshua and the children of Israel were about to cross the river into the promised land.

Before we could actually cross the Jordan the Lord appeared and withstood us and told us that we must not now cross the Jordan River for the time has not yet come. If we were to cross the Jordan at this time we would do so without the anointing nor the power necessary to accomplish His divine purposes. Instead we were to remain on this side of the Jordan and move up and down the banks of the Jordan in a preparatory period until the time would fully come.

As we moved along the banks of the Jordan we began to notice numerous beautiful pleasure boats moving up and down the Jordan River. Instantly we knew that these were leaderships that had taken the Lord’s provision and created for themselves recreational facilities and were leisurely enjoying themselves with the Lord’s provision moving up and down the river but not transporting from one bank to the other.

Upon observing these pleasure boats moving along the Jordan River in a leisurely fashion, the Lord’s temper began to flare and He breathed upon the surface of the water causing a divine disturbance creating waves that ultimately capsized the pleasure boats presently in the Jordan. Though the boats were capsized and the occupants no longer in sight, yet the boats remained afloat and intact.

Upon seeing this I spoke to Bobby, Rick, and Ricky and advised them to wade out into the water and pull these boats ashore since the boats were remaining afloat yet the people were not in sight. As they were pulling these boats to shore I noticed that there were various tools and provisions still in the boats so I asked the Lord how we were to return these tools and provisions to the rightful owners. The Lord then responded that He was the rightful owner and the tools belonged to whomever recovered them. Though you cannot cross the Jordan at this time you may begin the preparatory process and the accumulation of tools and provisions.

The Lord then stated, “I do not want you crossing Jordan just yet because the preparation is essential before you reach the other side, for immediately upon crossing the Jordan you will come to Gilgal which is a place of complete repentance for you will not obtain victory at Jericho unless you first go through Gilgal. I am going to instruct my priests to initiate awesome repentance on the body. Those that I have called to Moravian Falls are just as Joshua was when he saw me as the Captain of the Hosts. I will meet with them there and I will commission and anoint them to do the things that are in my heart for I am the true Captain of the Hosts of the Lord”.

The Lord then instructed me to look at Bobby Conner and as I did so I noticed that some of the Lord’s tools were floating to shore, then I realized that it was an outboard boat motor. I then instructed Bobby to pick the boat motor up to see if it would operate. Surprisingly the engine started on the first pull and ran perfectly. Bobby then raised the boat motor above his head and acknowledged that it was made of a material that he had never before seen, in fact it was so light that it was hardly noticeable yet sturdy and powerful.

The Lord then stated that this motor was a multiple-purpose tool for it would have a number of uses and accomplish a variety of purposes. The Lord continued and stated that He was going to anoint His people or His leadership with multiple-purpose tools. At this point the Lord instructed Bobby to place a chain on the motor and instantly it became like a chainsaw. It was transformed from that of an outboard boat motor to a wood cutting chainsaw.

The Lord then directed my attention across the Jordan River to a number of old trees that had fallen across power lines prohibiting the power from flowing to the lights that would adequately illuminate the Promised Land or the Lord’s promises to His people. I then realized that these were the doubly dead trees as described in Jude 12 appearing as autumn trees without fruit and uprooted. These trees that are short circuiting the Lord’s power lines are actually false teachers and false teachings introduced to the body that the Lord now is going to remove with these multiple purpose tools.

As Bobby began to cut these dead trees down with the chainsaw I noticed that his arms began to be weary and I shouted to Bobby to make certain that the chainsaw did not dip into the water for it would not function properly if it did. The Lord then stated to me that He was going to anoint Bobby with great faith. As I looked back toward Bobby I then saw Keith standing with Bobby also holding the chainsaw cutting the dead trees that were leaning against the power lines. The Lord then stated, ” I am now going to release the second Adam’s chain reaction”.

The Lord described it to me like the second Adam’s bomb but rather it was spelled BALM, which is the Balm of Gilead. The Lord is stating that He is going to ignite His chain reaction accomplishing the same purposes as the original atom bomb but with spiritual consequences. The Lord stated that He was going to anoint these five and others with the Balm of Gilead.

As Bobby, Keith and the others were moving out into the Jordan cutting these trees I noticed that the Jordan was extremely deep and I feared that it was going to be over their head yet I noticed that the water never exceeded their waistline. The Lord then stated that He had required these to walk out into the Jordan by faith but He was the Rock under them and they will not go beyond waist deep in the water. At that point I noticed that all of the trees had been removed from the power lines and the power was ready to be turned on again.

I then noticed that there were people on the other side of the Jordan, however they had crossed over prematurely and were actually occupying the land like “sooners”. These people did not have any light or power or even repentance yet they were not evil people striving to serve the devil’s purposes. They simply were ill prepared and ill equipped for the task they were attempting. However, when we cross over these people will then be allowed to join with us in our purposes yet they will not be a part of the leadership.

The Lord then stated that He is going to release a chain reaction of revelation from this time forth. He stated that His temper is flaring because previous leadership took the tools and provisions of God and used them for their own leisure. He stated they were like the evil laborer that took the gold coin and buried it and produced no return or harvest.

I then told the Lord that these tools were wonderful and this was a wonderful task but I wanted to fish. The four of us originally set out in the land rover to go fishing. The Lord then stated that we had best wait upon Him for He was the greatest fisherman of all and He’s going to show us how to catch fish. The Lord declared that the fishing season begins in the spring and there is much preparation before a fishing trip. These that you have seen will be doing the preparation even before you begin to fish.

The Lord stated to me that my purpose was to be shown visions to aide in the preparation process for He said that He too loves to fish and bring souls into the kingdom of heaven.

I expressed to the Lord how my heart burned for the salvation of souls and He told me that was actually an impartation of His heart for souls abiding in me. The Lord then asked me how many men were killed when the wall fell on the Arameans for “that is the number of people that my spirit will fall upon and save at one time after you cross over”. In I Kings 20:30 we find that 27,000 men were killed when the wall fell upon them and that is the number that the Lord will fall upon and save at one time. The Lord declared that is the kind of number of souls coming into the kingdom at one time that will be seen when things are done His way.

As we continued to pull these boats to shore I noticed how fine these boats were and the good condition they we in. I thought to myself that I enjoyed riding in boats as well but after seeing the Lord’s anger and temper shown towards the previous leadership I felt somewhat fearful to use these provisions for any other purpose that for the salvation of souls. As we were pondering that thought and the excellent condition of the boats we noticed a man approaching us that appeared to be totally confused and disoriented. He stated the Lord has totally changed his life to such a degree that he did not know if he was going or coming, all he knew was that he was directed to that location and had a tremendous burden for souls.

I then handed him a set of keys and directed him to one of the boats and told him to take it and use it as his own and not to be concerned for the fuel for all will be provided, simply use this provision for the salvation of souls. He immediately took the boat to the other side and began to load it with souls preparing to bring them across to the other side of the Jordan. We then realized that he is an example of the ones for whom the boats have been preserved.

As Rick, Bobby, Ricky, and Keith continued pulling the boats to shore I began to give the keys to men just like the first one for the purpose of bringing souls across the river. For some reason my role was to present the keys to the people. Perhaps it will mean that I am to lay hands upon some of these people and commission them for this purpose. But one thing I know, the keys that were given to me for that purpose can be found in Isaiah 22:22 with the full understanding of the twelve redemptive names of God.

Those to whom I was giving the keys did not appear to be extremely mature Christians. Rather they only knew that they loved the Lord and had a burden for souls.

In this process I was also shown several women that will have a key role in this process. I was shown Bonnie, Carolyn, Jean Kristle, Wanda and others. The Lord showed me these women and completely stripped their heart so that it was totally exposed to me so that nothing would be hidden. The Lord instructed me to look at their hearts and I did so and could find nothing wrong. The Lord stated that is precisely what He wanted me to see for their hearts are clean and He wanted us to know that for there is going to be accusations forthcoming against the sisters and the anointed role that they will play and we must know in advance that their hearts and motives are pure.

The Lord stated that He is going to anoint these women and put them in their appointed place and even if accusation should come against them for their role we need to know that they have been placed there by the Lord and anointed by Him for that purpose. We are charged with the responsibility of protecting these sisters. Those that He showed us were already called and anointed to do the work to which they are responsible and those closest to His heart are the intecessors. The Lord wants these women in the positions that He has chosen and He expects the next leadership to support and protect them.

Those four lepers are called to cross the Jordan River in order to spy out the land. We are getting ready now to see the Captain of the Hosts as He truly is just as Joshua received his revelation of the Captain of the Host before crossing the Jordan River and dividing the land. Nothing can begin until the Captain of the Hosts is revealed and sets things in their proper order. I saw Him last night and He told me to be at peace and that I would be walking without pain when the time comes to cross the Jordan. The period of time between now and then is the preparatory period that we have just described as shown in the vision even as Israel had to first camp on the east side of the Jordan and make preparation before crossing over. I believe the meetings that are taking place now at Moravian Falls signify the beginning of the chain reaction that is going to take place.