3 Rivers Vision


SEPTEMBER 07, 1997

The vision begins by first hearing the song “IN THE GARDEN”. I then see Mary as she opens the alabaster jar and anoints the Lord’s feet filling not only the house with the aroma of the perfume but also all of eternity. Mary was representing a group of people that were filled with fault and failure yet found redemption, atonement, and mercy at the feet of Jesus.

The alabaster perfume was likened unto the whale’s ambergris (a grayish, waxy secretion from the intestines of the sperm whale sometimes found floating on the ocean or lying on the shore.)

This is a discharge that comes from within a whale and when accumulated can make the most precious and costly perfume known to man. This perfume is even more valuable than costly jewels and stones. This represents the value of repentance and humility as demonstrated by Mary.

When we carry our wounds, hurts, thoughts, and failures to the Lord and offer them to Him, they become like perfume or incense in His nostrils and welcomed even as the anointing from the alabaster jar. This will be a sign that many during the course of this season will pour out the substance of their sins and even the fruit of their sins as the woman took the valuable perfume she had acquired through illegitimate means and offered it unto the Lord.

I began the year 1993 suited in a football uniform. On the back of the football uniform was the number 93 and on the front was the number 7. This was to denote that this anointing or season of the Spirit was to begin in 1993 and would be a 7-year commission. The vision occurred on January 1, 1993.

The theme for this commission was that of a time of training and preparation for the games. This season of time was to be a time of training similar to that of an Olympic athlete training for the Olympic games.

The vision continued revealing that the fast lane of the prophets was to be re-opened during the course of the following year. Of course we realized that statement was made in the vision in 1993 and the fast lane of the prophets was opened in May of 1994 during the conference in Bullard, Texas.

In the vision it was also stated that the spirit of prophecy was to be a third ruler in the kingdom following the apostolic order and the elders. I was instructed that both the apostolic and the elders of the church were very immature so therefore I was to be gentle in my counseling of them. Since 1993 the Lord has been working very closely with those called to these offices.

The Lord’s highway bridge was then revealed showing the link between God and man. The prophets were only to cross that bridge behind God’s government and anointed elders.

I was then told in the vision that I would have great favor where the Ohio, Tennesee, and Kentucky Rivers flow together. At the point where the common waters of these rivers flow together as one river, will indicate a place of divine favor. In looking at a map we see that these waters come together at the Kentucky Lake and flow southward towards Mobile Bay. Of course, we already know the other prophecies that relate to Mobile and the Mobile Bay area. Even as Danny was foretold as a sign for Mobile and the Mobile Bay which is also called “the BAY OF THE SPIRIT”. These are indications of God’s divine favor and places of visitation of the Holy Spirit.

Once the fast lane of the prophets was re-opened I was then instructed that many prophetic people would be headed my way. I was told to be gentle but firm with them. I was also told there would be genuine women prophets involved and that I was to be especially gentle with them in counseling and instruction. I was instructed to be best friends with both the groom and the bride, especially the women that have endured hardship and pain in past relationships. They are to be instructed to especially sanctify their imaginations. I am to break the bitterness and direct them to the Lord, never allowing them to place their eyes upon me or any other man but only to the Lord as their source. He is their true love and these should be instructed to place their attention and affection upon Him, only even as Eleazar instructed Rebekah to only have eyes for Issac.

I was then instructed in the vision that there would be Holy Spirit fire that would anoint the hands of gifted writers during this 7-year season. We have seen much of the fruit of this word even as Rick Joyner and others have published many articles and things that contained the fire of God in them especially The Final Quest. I was further instructed that natural occurrences will reflect spiritual realities. During this 7-year season we are to carefully observe weather patterns, economic conditions, political situations and world events as indications of the shaking that will be taking place in the Spirit realm.

This vision is one directed to what I refer to as “The Alabaster People”. These are people that have had “messes” in their past yet the Lord has forgiven them and sanctified them and put them in service to be used for His end-time purposes. This vision was even confirmed by a pastor’s wife here at the coast who came to me with a dream. In this dream she was told there was going to be an outpouring of the Spirit toward the west of Pensacola. She saw it as a large amount of fresh water flowing into a salty water area. I believe the interpretation of her dream lies in the understanding of the three rivers flowing together and flowing south into the Mobile Bay area. This will reflect the large amount of fresh water coming into these areas. I’m told that when fresh water comes into a salty area like this the fish simply leave the water for lack of oxygen. This could also be an indication of the coming harvest. The Lord is saying that these “alabaster people” will receive an eternal testimony from the Lord during this 7-year season.

This vision was given on January 1, 1993. As it indicated earlier it was to reveal a 7-year season. We are already 5 years into that season and we are just now fully understanding portions of the vision and their application. I believe the understanding for this vision is just now being released because it is an indication that “now” is the timing for this geographic area and the fulfillment of the vision. The flowing of the fresh water into this area is also a spiritual indication of the truths given to us in the Light House vision that was partially fulfilled in Pensacola. We have not yet seen the complete fulfillment of those visions either. They actually go hand in hand with one another to reveal the tremendous light that is going to come to this area. This will be a sanctifying light giving guidance to the leaderships, preparing them for the tremendous outpouring that is yet to come.

I believe even the recent deaths of world renowned people is an indication of the outward events that will reflect spiritual truths. The passing of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa both are revealing a spiritual truth that we need to glean understanding from.

Notes From Conversation

on September 2, 1997

Bob saw Rick Joyner driving a 98 Oldsmobile. He was told that Rick had two additional anointings that were yet to come. He received this anointing while driving a 98 indicating that he was to receive the anointing in 1998 and that it was to be utilized during 1998.

1998 Biblically begins the 10th of October, which is also the season of year that the signs came to us from Iceland. This new anointing that is coming will be one that greatly disturbs religious especially those classified as right-wingers. In the vision Bob was to Rick’s left holding onto the mirror of the 98 Oldsmobile. Bob noticed that the top of the car had what appeared to be oily hair. Bob felt as though this was an indication there was going to be an anointing on the intellectual side of man. The things that Rick was going to receive through this new anointing was to be greatly offensive to conservative right-wing people. There will be a tremendous spirit of conviction on these new writings as he will most likely be receiving additional levels of revelation in the order of the Final Quest.

Rick was driving this vehicle alone that indicated that he was to walk this road alone. Bob was on top of the vehicle indicating that he was to give counsel during this season. He was driving the car in what appeared to be an assembly of people similar to a graduation commencement. The right side of the car was knocking over chairs as it went down the isle indicating that these right-wingers would take issue with Rick on his revelation and he was to fight this battle alone but with conviction.

These people will be so angry over the conviction with which this new writing will be anointed that they were unable to successfully argue with Rick on the revelation. These new revelations will be like unto the Final Quest but of a much deeper level with even more anointing and conviction. The conviction on this writing will bring considerable unrest to those of a religious nature.

During this I was reminded of the dream where Rick handed me a pair binoculars that determined distances. When I looked through the binoculars I saw a green golf flag. When I mashed the button to see the distance it indicated 95 yards then changed to 98, which obviously indicated that the target would be reached within ’95 to ’98. Rick first began to receive the revelation of Final Quest in ’95. I believe this also indicates an affirmation of Bob’s vision that ’98 would produce considerable revelation in regard to the Final Quest.

In my dream while handling this binocular we dropped in the sand, which also indicated that we were on the coast. I was much more concerned with the binoculars than Rick and I picked them up and cleaned them as best I could. A week later I purchased what appeared to be an identical set of binoculars for Scott for his birthday even the numerical numbers on the inside of the binoculars were identical to those in the dream even though I had never seen a pair previously.

At the time Bob received the Three Rivers vision he was also told about the floods that were going to come to the Mississippi River area, which eventually did come. He was even told that it would look like another Great Lakes. Even the weather forecaster’s used that exact phrase and said it appeared as though we had another Great Lake in that area. He was given Isaiah 54:2 and Isaiah 24 in connection with these as well. He even indicated the Mississippi River would go 35 miles wide which it actually did during the flood of ’93.

Bob is saying He is prophesying the same way He did in ’93 that the Three River vision will actually result in a commissioning taking place the 1st part of October of ’98. That would be the new Jewish year ’98. This was also the season that Iceland experienced the eruption of the volcanoes, which he believed, was on October 3rd.

Bob reiterated that those that he met in May of 1994 were those that fulfilled this vision. These are the alabaster people that he was told ahead of time that he would meet that would be key players in the fulfillment of this vision. Bob reiterated that he was told in ’93 that he would have great favor at the place that the waters of the Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennesee Rivers flow together. Not the point where all three of them join but where the common water of those 3 rivers flow together which he believes is the Mobile/Perdido area and that we are the fulfillment of that vision. That is why the meetings that have taken place over the past 4 to 5 years in the Perdido Beach area have been so anointed and productive. Many of the things that have been prophesied there have already taken place and many other great prophetic events are yet to follow. That is why those who attended those gatherings were by invitation only.