Conflict in Iraq

The Conflict With Iraq

 Bob Jones & Paul Keith Davis

Over the past several weeks, there has been continual conversation, both publicly and within Christian circles, concerning the issue of Iraq and the appropriate spiritual approach on this crucial matter. It continues to be our belief, established through visions, dreams and communications from the Lord while in prayer, that it would be premature for our nation to take Iraq to full war. Although we are presently experiencing skirmishes and minor confrontations, as opposed to a full-blown war, time remains for the circumstances to be altered by the Kingdom of light, through prayer.

As we have stated in prior articles and newsletters, this is predominantly a spiritual issue and therefore can be influenced through prayer, as was the presidential election. It is our belief that the ancient spirit identified as the Prince of Persia (as described in the book of Daniel) is attempting to withstand a divine purpose as he did with Daniel. In Daniel 10 we discover the prophet seeking the Lord for insight and direction when he encountered an angelic messenger who was withstood by the prince of Persia for 21 days.

This prevailing evil spirit is presently attempting to withstand divine mandates from reaching the place of their fulfillment. This is evidenced in the elevated terrorism of the last two years and the conflict with Iraq. It is our belief that a war with Iraq will hinder the full birthing of the revelation of Kingdom realities in this hour.

Furthermore, the Holy Spirit has revealed to us and a number of other prophetic voices, that a preemptive strike with Iraq would substantially affect the nation of Israel and adversely impact our economy. Most important of all, it has been our revelation that the “ark of the Covenant” would not go with our armies. This is strictly a symbolic expression to indicate that this war would not have the blessings of Heaven as did the Gulf War in the early ’90s.

Clearly, that confrontation had incredible results with very little loss of life on the part of our Armed Forces. Many reports are on record of incredible grace and intervention by the Lord throughout this encounter. That was more the result of the Lord’s blessings than our superior military enforcement. We have also received reports from other reliable ministry sources that there is a remnant Christian Church in Iraq who would suffer substantially in the event of war or the forceable overthrow of Saddam.

The record is clear, the actions of Saddam Hussein are cruel, evasive and ungodly. His actions cannot go unchecked. However, a war in Iraq will affect many more than just this one individual and his immediate leadership circle. There are spiritual ramifications with multiple implications. According to the example of Moses, Amos, and others, intercession can change pronunciations of judgments and adversarial designs.

Mercy Triumphs over Judgment

(James 2:13)

It is our firm belief that we should continue to intercede and ask the Lord for the release of His perfect resolution in dealing with Saddam, without having to involve war.

We believe we have the authority to pray for the removal of his evil leadership and regime by means other than war. Now is not the time to reduce our prayers, but increase them. War at this time would have multiple detrimental effects upon our nation, naturally and spiritually, along with Israel.

Our earnest prayer should be for peace rather than war. In our revelations, we are continuing to see the call of the intercessors to take their place on the wall to petition Heaven for divine intervention. Until the matter has actually come to full fruition, there is always time for intervention. We cannot take a passive position at this on this critical issue.

On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; all day and all night they will never keep silent. You who remind the LORD, take no rest for yourselves; And give Him no rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth. (Isaiah 62:67)

This is strictly the way we have seen this issue. There seems to be many justifiable political reasons why war would be appropriate. However, if the position of restraint is correct, we must trust the Lord’s wisdom and the revelation He gives.