Closing Unholy Gateways

Closing Unholy Gateways

June 2004

In late May 2004 I was a speaker in Birmingham AL. This meeting went to the highest level as it relates to cooperating with the Holy Spirit and releasing spiritual impartations. The pinnacle of the meetings transpired on Saturday evening when the Holy Spirit graciously came into the building in a powerful way to touch, on some level, most every person in the sanctuary. Many reported an awakening to their personal spiritual destiny while others visibly saw angelic beings and spiritual lights throughout the building. Numerous others received freedom from hopelessness and despair with an awakening to the spiritual realm and the hope of their high calling.

That evening, however, could not be fully appreciated without first understanding the preparatory work that transpired in the preceding sessions. Each began to address specific issues necessary for us to encounter heaven in a tangible way. This was especially true on Saturday morning when Bob received a descriptive revelation from the Holy Spirit to address a very specific diabolical plot of the adversary. It was the tyranny of self-pity.

Closing Unholy Gateways

In my vision I saw a spiritual gateway or access that was leading to a road of destruction. It was the broad way that many in this generation will approach. Unfortunately, something very grievous to the Father was also transpiring. Misguided sheep were unknowingly wandering through this gate into the unholy highway to their untimely demise.

It is the present desire of the Holy Spirit to apprehend leaders who will close this gateway that provides access to the plans of the adversary so that God’s people would no longer fall prey to its devastation. The vision further illustrated the symbolic number 12—12. This was to prophetically indicate an “alpha” governmental order and an “omega” governmental order related to the early apostolic church and the last day apostolic church.

Apostolic leaders can justifiably experience the impartation of God Himself that transpired on the Day of Pentecost in this day with genuine spiritual authority like unto that demonstrated in the early church. That authority will begin to identify and eliminate for the Church access to unholy gateways.

There are many unholy gateways that are being addressed in this hour. Some are flagrant and obvious while others are hidden and less conspicuous. The sin of self-pity is one of the most devastating enemies of our soul although not as seemingly apparent as lust, greed, or addictions. It will lead to many issues of the soul that will steal our destiny and keep us from the high calling of God.

Self-Pity Promotes Blame-Shifting

The spirit of self-pity causes us not to take responsibility for issues for which we are guilty. In all truthfulness, many who embellish self-pity do not actually want to be healed but receive sympathy for their condition and the circumstances of their life. In reality, most everyone has experienced on some level betrayal, abuse, condemnation and many other unfortunate incidents in life. However, God’s sacrificial offering on the cross is the absolute remedy for each of these dilemmas. The redemptive process opens the door to the justice of God to allow a restoration and even a restitution of things lost.

Self-pity is a self-centered mind-set that takes a focus off of the Lord Jesus and His redemption. It can also facilitate the exercise of various excuses for underachievement in the spiritual arena. Instead, the Lord desires for us to be Heavenly minded and healed of these dilemmas so that our wounds become scars of authority.

According to the promise of Scripture, old things have passed away and all things become new. To unduly focus on the issues of the past frustrates the spiritual principle of death to the old man and new life in Christ that brings every thought into captivity to His obedience. We cannot receive the full impartation from Heaven available to us while continuing in the malady of self-pity.

Freedom from self-pity begins with a conscious decision to close the access to this spiritual poison and receive the revelation of truth pointing to the restoration of our soul. The Bible highlights that nothing can separate us from the love of God. That reality unlocks the resources of Heaven to cleanse our soul from these strongholds.