Cities of Habitation

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Cities of Habitation

(Editor’s note – This is a transcript, edited for style and length, of a spoken word Bob Jones brought at a summit in December of 2005)

Revisiting the Promises of the Lord

On August 1975 I went to the Lord in death. When I came back He put a mantle on me – an ephod, which was divine counsel. And He began to tell me things he was going to do in Kansas City and why – because there was a man in Kansas City that had pleased him – Harry Truman; and he had acknowledged Israel when they voted to become a nation. He told me that he would honor him in the stadium. He told me to tell him in 1975 there would be 50,000 people meeting in this stadium within two years and they would begin to break the dullness and the stupor over KC.

So from the very first He’s saying one thing – I want to own that stadium – I’m going to let them think they own it, but I’m going to have my main purpose in that stadium.

So we got a vision of the Joseph’s, those who have a mantle like the Biblical Joseph, who stored up food/wealth for others.  I believe it was in 1983, and our vision in 1983 was youth without number, and especially the inner city of Kansas City. And that He was going to fill that stadium with youth.

On April 13th of 1983, Gabriel, an archangel, appeared to me and said he’d put a bunch of people to sleep and give them the same vision and he’d come the next day to my house and mark it in scripture what he spoke to them. That during a 21-day fast he’d begin to speak to them.  What Gabriel was saying was this, “tell them that their main direction is the inner city. I want them to begin to get a vision for the inner city, for the inner city children and the inner city pastors; I want them to get a vision for continual intercession.”

Well, 19 years ago I believed that the money that was meant to be spent there in the inner city was taken to a foreign nation – Zimbabwe. I believe it was a trespass. And a “bird” came back with those that bought the land – the birds in Mt 13:4-5 – they have been eating the seed of the Joseph’s ever since and it’s time they end.

Those birds have been stealing. The Lord showed me that in your spirit, here you people are pure. You’ve really got a heart to give. But these birds are birds of confusion that come back. They have been confusing your mind about where to sow.

With them they bought back a large rattlesnake. And this means that there’s been an evil spirit here, that’s been trying to rattle your minds continually where you can’t hear properly from God. You’ve sown much but reaped very little. Now it’s time to get free and let the Holy Spirit tell you where to sow.

I’m going to tell you what vision He had from the very beginning.

On April 13th this year I saw the Lord and He said, “22 years ago I sent Gabriel to Kansas City with an invitation. I gave Kansas City an invitation for what I wanted them to do; now I’m going to come and see if I can find faith in Kansas City. People that are faithful doing things I called them to do back then.”

“If I can find them faithful through all this time I’m going to add my faith to theirs.” And you’ll begin to pray with God, with the faith of God. So he said, ‘come – let’s go and see if we can find faith.’”

We first went into the inner city of Kansas City – first I saw people ministering to the drug addicts and he smiled and said, “Do you understand?” I said “No.”

Then he showed me people feeding the widows, orphans and the hungry. I saw people that were visiting the shut-ins, those in prison. Then we went to see if we could find people praying for each other, healing the sick, raising the dead and casting devils out. This was the weakest thing I found and it really shocked me.

Then I went to one of the main callings that the angel said – intercession day and night. That was the strongest point here, there was total obedience. And it wasn’t just one place; there were many places where people were praying nearly all of the time.

He said “Do you understand yet?” I said “No.” He said, “Another word for faith is obedience. These people have been obedient to what I told them to do and now I’m going to really begin to use their faith in a new way.” He said, “Now follow me” – I followed him and he went to Arrowhead Stadium.

The Lord said “I’m coming in my presence, and I’m going to invade this town, and I’m going to come to that stadium again. I want people to get a vision, and I’m going to move in that stadium again. You go tell the Joseph’s this is my vision, it goes all the way back.”

“Tell them to get a vision of me and begin to see what their part in it is. For I told them the Joseph’s were going to send grain throughout the world.” He showed me what this grain was – youth. He wants you to get a vision for financing youth. Kansas City is going to be a center.

“I’m going to bring these youth there – they’re the grain, they’ve got the Word, they’re the ones I’m going to send. And the business people are the ones that are going to finance it.”

When they become partners with me, there’ll be no lack. For it’s time they begin to get a harvest for what they’re sowing. I’m going to kill those birds. And when I come again we’re going to put to death that rattlesnake. To where their minds aren’t rattled anymore, and where they hear clearly from me what to do.

These youth are going to get that word and take it throughout the world. If you’ve noticed – when youth really get a hold of God they’re not afraid of anything. They really believe that they’re his joy, and they are.

These youth, you’re not going to send them out bare – you’re going to send them out with grain to sow – with money. Where they go, they need to be blessed so that they can impart to others who don’t have a blessing.

Fishing is right at hand. A lot of you have had visions of fishing recently. We’re talking about souls.

He said, “I’m going to bring a billion youth unto myself in one great wave.” This one thing has never been able to be taken away from me. I will see the beginning of that harvest before I go home.

He’s going to visit Kansas City again. He promised me March 11th, 1977 at 6pm when He withdrew His glory that used to be here in Kansas City – He said I’d live to see it return. He said I’d be old and white-headed – but that I’d live to see it and I’m going to see it.

There’s a child in this town (Kansas City), I said when he’d be conceived and born and that the heavens would proclaim his birth. They named him Joshua and it means that the Joshua generation is coming forth. Way back then I knew it would begin when he was 18 and he was 18 last Feb 20th. When he was born there was a great supernova in the heavens, there hasn’t been one since 1604 (7 years later the King James Bible was released). Children are signs and wonders.

I was told to watch that supernova. You may not know much about me, but I’ll often speak of what will happen in the heavens before it does.

There are signs in the heavens like never before. Last June 6th (2004) there was a supernova in the heavens and there also came a great portal up there it’s called the eye of God. That eye of God is going to be up there until June 8th 2012. By that time this (youth) army is going to be rolling.

A number of years ago the Lord told me I had lost my marbles in the garden and that my generation has been crazy for six thousand years. He told me to go out in my garden and start digging them up – over the years I’ve dug up 12 – I got my marbles back!

I spoke to Rick Joyner that he was going to have another child and she’d be born on August 8th and she’d be 8 pounds. It was on that day nearly 15 years ago that I was out in my garden and I found my 8th marble. It was amber, which means “close to the throne” – this was a generation that would be close to the throne. So Rick put her on the scales the moment she was born – 8th day, 8th month, 8 pounds, 8 marbles. Children are signs and wonders. She’ll be 15 this August 8th.

I believe that Mary bought forth Christ when she was 16. You’ve got 14 months to get ready. She’s a parable. I believe you’re going to see Christ formed within, Christ in you. And you’re going to begin to see children get a hold of it to where they take on Christ’s nature.

I walked in the glory years ago, when He said he was taking it away I asked Him take me home. He said “no!” This glory I speak about, you wont’ have to worry about finding someone to witness to – they’ll be running you down. He’s getting ready to put His name in places.

There are five seasons that are really strong for the body of Christ. June 30th, August 9th, middle of September, middle of October and especially Hanukkah this year (2005)

On Dec 17th of 1991 a friend came and gave me a watch and said write all the details down because there’ll be a time I’ll really give it to you and it’ll really speak to you. And at the same time he said, also write down all the scriptures on 14. It’s fourteen years this December.

This year on Mothers Day I was ministering (14 years later) and my other watch fell off. And a man came up and put this one on me. Now on this watch there were four other little dials. One of them was a second hand, and the Lord is saying – I’m extending my hand a second time, Isaiah 11:11 to the remnant that’s been faithful.

The other dial showed the heavens, and I believe it was saying the heavens are declaring your time now. The eye of God is on you now – it’s not tomorrow, it’s now. It’s been there since last June 6th. The heavens are open now. It’s time that we entered those portals and took our rightful place – seated with Christ in heavenly places. It’s time that you begin to go there and get that relationship going with him, that intimacy with him. Because he wants to be in a partnership with you in everything you’re going to do. You’re talking about friendship.

The third dial was an alarm – sound the alarm, sound the alarm now. For a great awakening is getting ready to take place by a great shaking. And those who’ve got Christ on the thrones of their lives they’re not going to be shaken. In any shaking there’s great opportunity if you’ve got a good partner like my friend.

The fourth dial was time. All of you should be hearing this word – it is time. It has been time for other nations, now it’s time in here. There’s enough obedience in this town to bring his presence back. And he’s going to invade the stadiums. It is time. I’ve got the watch. I believe that each and every one of you really need to begin to seek the Lord between now and Hanukkah.

Sow with youth that you know are going to go. For when that stadium becomes available, and you all get your act together he’s going to export it to a huge field. I saw what that field was – I had to have a golf cart to get to the center of it. My main word in that field was this – tell them not to quit praising, because it’s going to bring the glory down.

You have a rope in your hands – you may not know it. All you can see is those dark rolling clouds, but if you keep pulling on that rope you’re going to tug papa’s glory down. For that rope is connected to his heart and you can pull his glory down.

But I really feel that the testing and the waiting have come to an end. I feel that several places around Kansas City have been waiting just as long – Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas…the time is now. You’ve been robbed enough. You’ve had a 5% harvest. Now instead of a 5% harvest, let’s have a 100% harvest. And keep it going where you can keep it sowing. Faith works faithfulness, which brings a unity with him.

It is time. It’s time that the thief stops. So Lord, unlock doors. Let them come free; let them walk out of the prison. And let them prosper Lord, so they can all be part of what you’re doing, let them all come free.