The Signal Fire

The Signal Fire

The Signal Fire

The One New Man

Recently while we were ministering in Blaine, MN, I had an open vision that is difficult to articulate in word form. I don’t think I can adequately describe what my eyes saw, but I’ll ask you to visualize;

As I was facing the front of the church I saw the Lord. But to my surprise, it was as if He was two people in one body. On the left side of the body was Jesus; on the right side was His Bride. Altogether beautiful and glorious, unlike anything I could imagine. I could hear the speaker giving the message and see very clearly everything around me yet my eyes were fixed on this vision of the Lord and His Bride.

The name of the conference was “The One New Man” and I believe this is what God was showing me. The one new man is not just Jew & Gentile, it is not just slave & free and it is not just male & female.

It is the body of Christ that is totally abandoned to Him, walking in divine holiness with clean hands and a pure heart till she is totally transformed into His divine nature and becomes one body with Him. She is Bride of Christ in Him; the One New Man.

Lighting the Signal/Council Fire

We had the great opportunity to witness how God is reconciling the Nations to Himself. On May 31st we celebrated Pentecost Sunday by lighting the signal/council fire as the congregation gathered on the lawn outside the church. This was a gathering ofall peoples, tribes and nations; however, special honor was given to the people of Jewish decent and the First Nations. As the signal/council fire was lit, repentance and forgiveness took place among the people. There was a great crying out in distress for the innocent blood shed on the land yet it was a time of jubilee.

What is the Signal Fire?

The Signal Fire declares the feast of Israel’s holy seasons; Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. Wood is carried to the highest peaks of the mountain and on the right day, they light the fires. People then know it’s time to go up to Jerusalem for the feast.

What is the Council Fire?

As the First Nation People light the Council Fire they council on how to make peace with one another. Reconciliation takes place and restoration begins. First Nation’s people are keepers of the land.

Why is the Lighting of the Fire Important?

It’s the beginning of feasts in Israel and the beginning of peace between the tribes.

An Open Portal

As the signal fire began to burn, the wind blew in all four directions causing an open portal. Bob explained the importance of the open portal and we began to offer our petitions up to God. It was a time of an open heaven. We, as a people had gathered together in a holy convocation as on the Day of Pentecost. We came together as one body offering our petitions to our God.


341 has been an important number to Bob for many years.  The Lord gave Bob a blank check signed in His blood.  The number of the check was 341.  He told Bob that faith would fill in the check; whatever he has the faith to believe for.  Believe and receive. The number 341 showed up many times during our visit to Blaine which was a confirmation God was IN to what we were doing there.  We were only the instruments he was using to get the job done.  Jenny, the young lady that filmed and photographed the Signal Fire celebration was assigned the number 3410 when she registered her website.

Please click on the link below to view the photos and read more interesting facts about the signal fire.