The Inverted Clock

The Inverted Clock

The Inverted Clock


In a moment in time you are one with Me. I transform your mind and reduce your mindset to Me alone. There are days ahead that you reflect the future of past events. This is not confusing at all! Time will prevail in eternity for those who know NOT their God Jehovah. However for those who know I AM time exists in Me. I waive all rights on this journey of time. It is essential for daily retribution (reckoning-justice) in Me; cease work and labor with Me in the harvest field of time. You have become one with Me in spirit now explore time in space with Me. Amen.

Redeeming From The Past

I’m redeeming from the past that which holds fast the future glory in Me. On life’s journey, nuggets of gold have been deposited along the way; hidden in crevices of your mind. As I return the past to catch up with the future, you discover the nuggets you lost and apply them for the future.

The Second Hand

The hands of the inverted clock spins forward and reverses time never losing a second but filling in all the gaps of past experiences you missed along the way. When you receive the second hand for this clock you will be in unity with Me says God! There will be no stopping. Time will cease to exist and you will live in eternity with Me. Amen.

Calling The Kettle Black

Now this is the day that I right every wrong committed against mankind. I’m tired of hearing the complaints of My children. Their prayers and intercession have turned to complaining against a brother and this must cease! It’s a season of calling the kettle black, taking responsibility for your own sin and forgiving one another starting with yourself. When you forgive yourself and love your neighbor you can love others and forgive them as well. We can never get along without love and forgiveness. The kettle is black stained from the hardness of hearts. Now today I call the kettle black and began in My own house to clean the hearts of My people. Those who submit will quickly be cleansed; those who lie will become more hardened. Now go this day repent, forgive and love; Me, yourself and your neighbor. Amen.