Power of the Spoken Word

Power of the Spoken Word

Power of the Spoken Word


Recently the Lord said “We must take an aggressive stand against spoken words.” It gives the enemy permission to act on their behalf. We must cancel the power and authority of the spoken word!

As He spoke this, I saw words swirling over the earth like a vortex or tornado looking for an opening or place to land. Any place that we leave an opening the enemy will use it to his advantage. Words have power to bless or curse.

For example; I believe there are people who would like to see Bob fall and have expressed this verbally. So the words begin swirling as soon as they were spoken. Several months ago while Bob was out taking his daily walk, he lost his footing and fell.  The result was three broken ribs. He was in great pain for five weeks; it was a major setback for him. I believe the intention was for Bob to fall from ministry however the enemy took advantage of the opening.

We must cancel the power and authority of any spoken word that is not lined up with God’s divine will and purpose for our destiny in the kingdom of God. I pray daily for our families; cancelling the power and authority of spoken words that are contrary to God’s divine will and purpose for our destiny in Him. Then I release blessings and favor for it is God’s will for us to prosper in all things both spiritual and natural.

The enemy does not know our thoughts; only God does. However the enemy provokes our thoughts to get us off track and agree with him or simply “buy the lie.” He’ll provoke us to remember things that we’ve already repented of and bring condemnation. He will play with our thoughts and get us to question “truth” and operate in doubt and unbelief instead of faith. And he’ll twist words so that we hear the opposite of what is spoken and become prey to the accuser. Once we fall prey to the enemy’s tactics and allow our thoughts to form spoken words, we become the devil’s advocate. Our words begin swirling looking for a place to land. (Psalm 34:13) Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking deceit.

The key words in this are AGGRESSIVE STAND and PERMISSION. We must take our every thought captive and bring it into the obedience of Jesus Christ by standing on the word of God in a place of God like faith. Otherwise we give the enemy permission to use them against us. We allow him to do his will according to our free will or the choice we make.

Often times we speak words against ourselves. We know our own pitfalls – so does the enemy. When we hear the lie in our conscience we must cast them down immediately and not agree with them by speaking them out. We are the prophet of our own life; speak blessings not curses.

We must bridle our tongues. (James 3:3-4) says a bit is set in the horses’ mouths to make them obey; it will turn their whole body. Large ships driven by rough winds are steered by a very small rudder at the impulse of the helmsman’s determination.

Every day I begin prayer for the United States by cancelling the power and authority of all words spoken by anyone in political power (including news media) that are contrary to the will of God for this Nation. Our nation has a destiny in God. I ask for the Spirit of Truth to be revealed and preside over our Nation.