Remembering Bob Jones On His 85th Birthday

Remembering Bob Jones

On His 85th Birthday

February 4, 1930

For four years prior to Bob’s passing he would say that he was looking forward to his eighty-fifth birthday because, like Caleb, he would receive his promises. Bob was born in the small town of Gravelly, Arkansas on February 4, 1930. Since 2015 will mark his year of promise, I would like to share Bob’s teaching and revelation regarding his promise of the returning glory. He recorded a CD and DVD titled “The Glory Train” in 2010 therefore I’m using excerpts from it and leaving the text in the manner he spoke it so you can hear his heart and feel his spirit as you read. It was always Bob’s desire to encourage people and bring them to a higher level in the Spirit.

A year ago I had a vision, and I waited a while to put it all together. And this is the vision I had. The train had come and I boarded it. I had a ticket and a seat. It was a very long train and it didn’t have any boxcars on it. It was all just one long large train and you could see from the beginning of the train to the end of it. There were literally thousands of people on this train and they were all sitting down.

So I found my seat and I sat down too. And, I was wondering where’s this train going? What is his train? I saw the Conductor come by so I asked Him, “What is this train?” He said, “This is the Glory Train!” Now I said, “Where are we heading?” He said, “To any city that wants it.” And I said, “When will we arrive?” He said, “We will begin to arrive in 2012.”

Then He gave me an egg. And I said, “When do I get to break open this egg?” He said, “in 2012.” I said, “What is this egg? What’s inside this egg?” He said, “Time.” There was no time before man. Time was created for man. And in this egg there is yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s time. And every time you hear the train whistle it will remind you of the coming glory.” (End of vision)

So Bonnie and I traveled to some places and one of the first places was Atlanta. And when I brought this revelation a train passed by and we heard the train whistle really loud. Then we went to a restaurant and all we saw was pictures of trains on the walls. And then we went to Knoxville, Tennessee and I brought this revelation and a train began to whistle. And I noticed an artist was painting “The Glory Train.” So, I’ve been waiting for the rest of it to come together and I felt today was the day to begin to make the tape of the Glory Train.

Two promises were given to me in the past when I came back from death on August 8 of 1975. The first promise was that I was to come back and touch some of the leaders of the church to prepare them for the greatest harvest of all time which would be one billion people coming into the Lord in one great harvest. And then I was told to get ready for I would live to see the glory return. For He showed me a couple of months before (in 1975) that the glory was departing. And I said, “Lord, how can we live down here without the glory?” I saw the glory often in the early 70’s. I saw many men and women that had the glory on them, for they shone. They had an inner glow.

And I had asked Him why are you pulling back the glory? And He told me because people have been marketing His glory for their own lust, their own purposes and their own plans and He was removing it! I totally miss it and I told the Lord to take me home now; I just don’t want to live down here without Your glory. So He gave me the promise. He said, “You will live to see it return but you’ll be old. But you will live to see it return.”

Now several of these people that I saw that really shone beautifully, I saw them fall. One by one. It was like they couldn’t handle the glory because they took it for themselves instead of glorifying the Father. So then I understood why the glory was removed. But I want to tell you something about the coming glory. It will ruin you. You will never be any good for the world again. You will live to be in that glory. That glory is a feeling of well-being like you never had before. It’s like that glory wraps you like in a cocoon of the anointing and you can feel so secure, so loved and so wonderful. And this coming glory we mustn’t take this glory for our selfish purposes. This is why it’s been so long in returning and we must glorify God in it.

So one of the main things I see getting ready to take place with this coming glory is John 14:13. For this coming glory will be with such signs and wonders as you never seen before. Even doing greater things than what Christ did because He’s gone to the Father and made a possible for us to do this. This coming glory is to glorify one thing. It’s to glorify the Father. And this is why the Lord has been dealing in our spirit man (our conscience) all these years to bring us to a place to where we wouldn’t sell out to the world. But we would glorify the Father in everything that we do.

Back in the early seventies wherever you walked people would see you shining. I’m talking about those that were unsaved. They would see you shining. Sometimes they would just want to draw up close to you because they would say, “I’ve been so depressed. Can I sort of stand by you because when I stand by you I’m not depressed anymore? I don’t know what it is but whatever you got I need.” Evangelism was that easy. It’s God’s glory. I don’t see how you could do really good power evangelism without God’s glory. And every one of these things is first and foremost in the name of the Son as He came to glorify the Father. So in the name of Jesus as we begin to move in these latter times we will see some of the greatest signs and wonders you ever seen. It’s to glorify the Father.

We’re in a time of the coming glory. We’re in a time of rain. I believe this rain is going to be literally like what they call a latter rain. I believe what’s getting ready to take place really is the latter rain. It will never end. I also believe it is the reign of a King. I believe that we’re going to begin to anoint Jesus as King. And I believe He’s going to begin to reign over our hearts again and we’re going to begin to glorify the Father. So what’s in the Father’s heart is going to be relayed to His sons and his daughter’s hearts through repentance and praise.

So get ready to lift your hands back up to Him again. Lift everything back up to Him. Lift that glory back up to Him. It’s just as when you do things right in the natural you glorify your father and your mother. I believe you’re getting ready to see the glorifying of the Heavenly Father. And I would sort of say concerning the mother; I believe the mother is the Church. God loves the Church. I believe the enemy has walls around the church that kept the Church imprisoned. The glory is going to blow those walls down and the Church is coming out to accomplish some things it was meant to do. And the Church will experience the greatest harvest of all time that will never come to an end. So we’re in that time.

The Lord revealed to me that on August 8th of 75 when I was forty-five years old that I would see promises that was given to me come into being when I’m eighty-five. That’s 2015. So I’m going to be around to see this take place. I’m going to begin to see the glory of God in the fields; the harvest fields that will never come to an end. I’m going to begin to see that glory on praise, intercession, prophecy and repentance on a level that’s never been before. A glory that’s ten times anything that’s ever been.

So we’re on that glory train and any time you hear a train whistle just say this in your thinking, “I’m on that train. I’m on God’s glory train. My future is in His glory train. And that’s where I’ll abide with Him. And all of my time down here that glory train will get bigger and bigger because when it stops in the city, that city will no longer belong to the enemy. It will belong to the Father.” Get ready for entire cities to be saved. And get ready for the glory to shine at night like streaks of flames; like fireworks to where you’ll visibly begin to see His glory. It’s a coming glory but I don’t believe we have to wait long for it to come. I believe it’s at the door waiting and shortly it will come through.

So be excited in these times. Get aboard the glory train. For that’s the invitation of this. Get aboard that glory train and let’s ride with Him in His glory as we glorify the Father. So in Jesus name these things I spoke, let it enter into your conscience, your spirit man to where you shine; an inner shining and inner glory that will shine in the darkest night that will never let darkness come in. For you see; when light shines, darkness hides and you’re the shining light. And this is what He’s saying, “Shine, that’s your glory! Don’t put a bushel over your glory, but let your glory so shine so that man may see the glory and come to the knowledge and to salvation.” In Jesus name. Amen.


I believe Bob lived to see the beginning of the billion-soul harvest and a glimpse of the returning glory. Although it was not the way he expected, the Lord made it possible for Bob to receive his promises in a different way. In the last two years of his life, leaders from around the world came to visit us and would share how Bob’s prophetic words impacted the nations. Bob had prophesied to some of these leaders twenty-five or thirty-five years ago. These leaders stood on Bob’s prophetic word for their ministry as millions of souls were won for the Kingdom. Also, from time to time we would experience the glory in our home. In fact on the day we recorded “The Glory Train” Bob sat in front of the painting in our dining room the artist from Knoxville gifted us. During the message, a brief glimpse of glory came across the painting above Bob’s shoulder. It was quick yet definitely visible and caught on video-tape.

With all my heart, I believe Bob has now received the fullness of God’s promise from 1975; the beginning of the billion-soul harvest and God’s returning glory. He now can see the complete picture along side the Lord. It was not the way Bob expected it to be; it was a million times greater. He can observe the glory as it’s released throughout the entire world and have a bird’s eye view of the harvest of harvests.

I hope that this encourages you to go higher in the Lord and live daily with greater expectation for the returning glory. Bob, like Caleb, entered into his promises and brought the next generation forward. Now it’s up to us to carry forth the torch and ignite the fires.