By Bob and Bonnie Jones


It’s the question that echoes out to all mankind for all eternity, “Did you learn to love?”

All the foundations of God are built on love. If you’ve learned to love, then you obeyed everything God wants you to do. Love, He is our greatest pleasure. When you are in love with Jesus, He becomes your greatest pleasure.

          Bob Jones

As I’m writing the book, “Did You Learn to Love” to commemorate the forty-year celebration of Bob’s death experience from August 8, 1975, the Lord has been giving me better understanding about His love. I’d like to share what He gave me recently with hopes the body of believers will embrace it.

         Bonnie Jones


Love is an open door to access the Father.
Love is an everlasting smile of approval.
It’s the road less traveled yet love is the lonely mile.
Love is the unclaimed baggage left behind.
Love is sacrifice; love is gain.
Love is unknown and often has no name.
Love is childhood memories, forgetting the pain.
Its’ bearing our cross and giving Him our shame.
Love is tomorrow, today and forever.
Love is the Keeper of the keys.
Love meets you on bended knees.
Love sees through all impossibilities.
Love brings hope and stability.
Love often challenges
And makes you grow stronger.
Love is a tapestry of art,
God’s workmanship; His heart.
Love knows no depth, no height,
In its’ shadows only delight.
Love is timeless, it is narrow.
Love is inescapable.
Love bears up its’ brother.
There is no time in Love.
It is without Beginning
It is without End
Love is Eternal
Love is your Friend. Amen.
The future of this nation depends on Love.