2016 Shepherd

2016 Shepherd’s Rod Introduction

Introduction to 2016 Shepherd’s Rod

By Bonnie Jones

Who lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters [above the firmament]Who makes the clouds His chariotWho walks on the wings of the wind, Who makes winds His messengersFlames of fire His ministers. (Psalms 104:3-4 Amplified)

I was praying about how to write the intro to the Shepherd’s Rod. As I’m asking the Lord what statement He wanted me to make regarding the book, I heard the following and wrote it exactly as He spoke. I’m not changing anything or putting scripture to it. I believe it is self-explanatory and you can apply the appropriate scripture. I believe it’s a hard word of truth yet full of His love, mercy and grace.

First Statement

There are times in men’s lives that try their soul. This is one of those times. The Lord is sending His messengers in this day with clear revelation from on high. There is no doubt in their word; it is straight from the throne room of heaven. These messengers are being sent to those who God has chosen to deliver His word without restraint. There will be no misunderstanding as they bring forth the order of Kingdom business. They are the clear trumpets that blast in this season and man should be wise to listen.

There is a lot of confusion in the body of Christ – especially now but they will bring clarity. Man will know the fear and awe of God in this season. There shall be no misconception of My word. Amen.

Second Statement

God is demonstrating His power in light and sound. Hear the rushing wind as it blows among the timbers. See the light flashes in the sky. Hear the rumbling of the ocean roar as the tides roll in.

There is comeliness in My face says God as I stand among the myrtle trees and whisper a gentle sound. Hear the voice of one calling as I call My prophets to order. There is reasoning among them this day as never before. Ones have vied for position in the past and today I pass them by.

I raise the standard among My prophets to speak My undivided word of justice, hope and love. These are My messages of truth. And I declare this day My voice shall be heard among the nations as I stand atop the mountains of man and decree Me among men.

Hear this oh man and woman of God. Hear My voice in this day. Hear Me as I speak, listen and obey. I’m not speaking gently; I’m speaking loud and clear. I speak to My people and they hear My voice. Who will choose to obey? Follow after Me and be a fisher of all mankind. Amen.


I hope you enjoy this year’s Shepherd’s Rod. It was a joy to write. It was a special time set apart with the Lord. There are some decrees I share in Chapter five called, “Let There Be.” Each one is a powerful decree and holds its own weight yet they all fit together as one unit. Kind of like the body of Christ should be. I was sent to an area steeped in spiritual darkness and released these decrees. Now, like Habakkuk, I will stand back and see what the Lord will answer.

Throughout the book there are special decrees or passages He spoke to me and I write them exactly as He spoke them. I never want to alter His word of prophecy or decree. I believe they speak for themselves and/or the reader can search scripture for deeper personal meaning.

I believe the Lord is focusing on His Bride this year. Each one of us went under the shepherd’s rod and in my vision we each received a report card or book. Even when we were in error or falsely accused God’s grace covered us. And by His mercy there was still time to repent.

He is calling believers to arise and shine! He’s calling them to take their place in the harvest field and bring in the lost sheep. There are still so many wandering in spiritual darkness and we, the body of Christ, have the responsibility to reach them.

There’s a special anointing on this generation of children and they shall not experience death. As adults we are also responsible for the youth. We must teach them good from evil, right from wrong. We must teach them the love of the Lord and lead by example. There are anointed teachers released as watchmen on the wall for these young ones. And we must be supportive of them as well.

The door of opportunity for us to enter into His presence is about to close. We must be like the wise virgins who had their lamps ready. If we’re squandering our time instead of resting in Him – repent!  There is still a time of grace yet it is drawing nigh.