World Champions

Kansas City Royals

Rally to Win World Series

The Royals had come from behind again for eighth time in their 11 postseason games, according to, securing their first World Series title since 1985. (Per CNN)

It’s been thirty years since Bob Jones’ prophecy that the Kansas City Royals would be World Champs. In the spring of 1985 when Bob brought this wild and outrageous prophecy, the Royals were in the basement. People laughed and sneered at Bob calling him a false prophet but God would prove him to be trusted and true. The Royals began to rise in the stats and go on to win the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

In the fall of 2010 Bob was in a powerful trance where the Father took him to a baseball field and reminded him of past revelation. He also gave Bob understanding of the present condition of the church and things to come. I want to share this powerful experience, which also includes both “Baseball Prophecies” from 1985 and 1995.

These prophecies were parables to the church establishing love, faith, godly wisdom, grace and justice. After thirty years (that represents the royal priesthood) Kansas City once again holds the title of winners of “The World Series.” I believe the fact that the Royals made a come back in the 12th inning scoring 5 runs says there is grace for the royal priesthood of believers to establish new government. And they will be the “World Champions” as you will read in Bob’s last prophecy about the church being International.

Be blessed as you read these exciting prophecies. Congratulations Kansas City Royals!

World Champions

Transcribed from World Champions CD

By Bob Jones from 2010

Home Base

A couple of weeks ago I was in a high level trance; one of the highest ones that I have known in recent years. The Lord came and took me to a field and it had been covered with snow for two years. We walked out on this field and He told me to uncover a place where He pointed. So I began to rake the snow away from the place that He said and I realized it was a baseball plate. I didn’t rake off all of the snow I just saw it was a baseball plate. And He said, “That’s all I want you to see. This is home base and now the sun will melt the snow off of the rest of it. You did all I want you to do right now. I just wanted to show you that this is home base.”

I believe the church is getting ready to come back to the bases. And home base is also the beginning and the end. It’s where you start, and it’s also where you win. I believe that we had a start but I think we’re coming into a year of winning.

Then He said, “Do you know what home base is?” And I’m thinking, no not really. He said “I’ve given you revelation in the past where home base is. But mainly home base is going to be repentance and prayer. These things that I’ve shown you in the past I can begin to bring it in step-by-step. He said, this field had been snowed under for two years.” So I believe the church is going through two years of really hard, dark times. It was like we didn’t know where to go, and it was like a blanket of snow was on everything. I don’t think this snow meant righteousness. I think it meant two years of trouble. These two years of trouble were coming to an end because it had accomplished some of the things it was meant to do.

Field of Dreams

He said, “This base is international!”  So I’m not speaking about one church here, I’m speaking about the church worldwide. And He reminded me that twice before I brought a prophecy about a baseball game. Also that it reminded me of a movie called “ A Field of Dreams.” So I think for two years we’ve been plowing things under in a time of not knowing what we were doing. But we were doing our best to obey what He was telling us to do just like The Field of Dreams. I believe that this “field of dreams” is getting ready to be revealed like it was in the movie. He told me to just repeat what you did twenty-five years ago.

Kansas City Royals – 1985

On May 21st of 1985 I brought a word in Kansas City about a baseball game. And it was about the Kansas City Royals. At that time the Kansas City Royals were then the cellar. They hadn’t won a game in quite a long while and nobody was paying much attention to them. My word was this, “The Kansas City Royals was going to come forth and was going to begin to win. They were going to be world champions in 1985.”

This is what I saw in the vision: I saw that it was the last half of the 9thinning and Satan’s team was in the field and the Lord’s team was at bat. And the Lord’s team had two outs. So the Lord sent in His first batter and this batter was Love. So Satan pitched the ball and Love swung and it was a base hit. One on.

Love is the thing that’s going to be the base. Love has got to be the basis of all things in Christianity. And I believe this is the year true Christians are going to be known for the love they have for one another. True servants of the Lord. They’re going to be brought into a place of loving one another to where they have total control over their tongue, over their conversation, and how they express and present things. These three things; conversation, expression and presentation is going to be done in love. There’s no defense the enemy has against love. Instead of gossip, slander, and all of these wrong things, I think that when true disciples of the Lord speak, it will be something you want to listen to. Because if they haven’t got something good to say about somebody, they won’t say anything. But when they’re saying something good about somebody you want to hear about it, because it’s going to be the truth.

So, the first batter was Love. Well, faith worketh by love. Then the Lord sent His second batter out and His name was Faith. Faith pleases God and he can’t fail. So, Satan pitched the ball. Faith swung. Base hit. Two on!

So, I believe the Lord is calling us to a place of faith. Faith to me is three things.  Humility to me is simply being obedient to the written word of God, the logos, for it is the law book that shows us how to grow up. And if you grow up your conversation is going to be right. I believe there’s a work in humility that I could also call obedience. But you can also call it faith. These three things I see as one; humility, obedience, and faith. You cannot study the Word without adding faith to it. If you obey it, then faith is going to automatically begin to move in you because you believe the logos. Then the living words will start coming out of you. When it does, that faith can swing and it will be a base hit.

Then the Lord brought out His third batter. His name was Godly Wisdom. And Satan pitched the ball, and Godly Wisdom looked over the ball and let it pass. Satan pitched the second ball; he looked it over and let it pass. Satan pitched a third ball; Godly Wisdom looked it over and also let it pass. Then Satan pitched a fourth ball; Godly Wisdom looked it over and let it pass. You see Godly Wisdom won’t swing at what Satan is throwing at him.

Many times Satan throws us things and our tongue can speak it but godly wisdom won’t allow it. Many times godly wisdom is in our ambitions and everything because the enemy opens doors the Holy Spirit is not opening for us. And we enter those doors by not discerning whether the Lord wants us to or not. We should go to Him. When a door opens, we should go to find out who opens it. And you’ll know real quick like. Is it love? Is it faith? Well, if it’s these things then it will be our witness to what the Holy Spirit’s opening. But if it’s our ambition, like money, than many times the enemy opens that door to distract us.

So Godly Wisdom looks them over and let them all pass. Bases-loaded! And the Lord is sending in a pinch hitter. Nobody’s ever seen him before. And I don’t think this generation has seen him. His name is Grace; Great Grace. So Satan winds up and pitches. It was a tremendous hit. And Satan’s hollering, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got Beelzebub in centerfield and he’s never let a fly get by.” By the way, flies mean lies. And so the ball is going to centerfield and Beelzebub is hollering, “I got it! I got it!” But it went right through his glove and banged him in the head. And down come Beelzebub. Home run! Grand slam!

Why didn’t Love, Faith, and Godly Wisdom get you through? They are only steps to prepare you for great Grace. And great Grace will get you home. The others will get you one base but Great Grace will get you home!

I believe we are starting the season of love. And as we begin to love one another and be known throughout the world by the love we have for one another, we’ll begin to see faith really rise up and get an answer to things. We’ll begin to see the body of Christ mature into godly wisdom to where we totally bridle our tongue so that when we speak, things happen.  These are all a preparation for great grace to get us home.

This was a parable of the Kansas City Royals when I brought it in 1985. They were in the cellar when I spoke this prophecy.  I was pretty young in prophecy then and was really sweating it because it went all over town. And everybody said we’d know he’s a false prophet because that’s not going to happen.

Well the Royals begin to win immediately and they kept winning. They advanced to the World Series and the final game was played in Kansas City against the St. Louis Cardinals. After six games played they were tied with three games each. This was the final game of the series. And if I’ve ever seen a fix, Papa had a fix in on this game because the Cardinals were a powerful team. And everybody said Kansas City doesn’t stand a chance because the Cardinals are a far better team. They had a far better coach and all the money was bet on the Cardinals.

So the game was played. It really got frustrating for the Cardinals because everything they did disintegrated. While everything the Royals did ended in home runs. It finally ended with the Royals 11 – Cardinals 0. I believe that number 11 is important because we are getting ready to start 2011.

Atlanta Braves – 1995

In 1995 I attended a MorningStar conference in Fort Mill. I was living in Panama City Florida and I was on my way up there. I was thinking of that baseball game, and that I needed to bring that prophecy again. Keith Davis was driving me and said, “Bob, I think you ought to bring that prophecy again.” I said “That’s my confirmation.” When I got there, I told them I have a prophecy I want to bring and I started sharing the baseball story with them. I hadn’t heard this before, but as I shared it I said, “This year it will be the Atlanta Braves.” And I didn’t know that till the second I spoke it. But Atlanta Braves will be the World Champions this year. So needless to say we really watched the baseball games that year.

It was the sixth game of the World Series played in Atlanta against the Cleveland Indians. The score was 0-0 going into the last half of the ninth inning and Atlanta had 2 outs. And a man by the name of David Justice comes to up to the plate. He hit a home run. I believe David’s Justice has a real meeting and it. And Atlanta was the winner that year. They became World Champions. I believe the Lord is talking about world champions.

World Champs – The Church

Now this is the third time I’m bringing this prophecy. He didn’t tell me the name of a baseball team. There’s going to be winners. I think He said the church is the winner this year. I think the church has sort of been in the cellar. Like literally, on our knees praying. I think the church is going to come out of the cellar and out of the dark place. The cellar is dark. I think sometimes the cellar can be a comfort zone. I think we’re going to come out of our comfort zone and we’re going to come out into the light. And I think you’re getting ready to see these four things working in the church this year. Love bringing forth faith, godly wisdom, and get ready for grace to come to the plate.

Home base; I think everything He’s talking about is home base. Everything he’s talking about here will be international – worldwide. I think we’re getting ready for our Father’s game to start. And I don’t believe the enemy’s going to be able to stop the ball from rolling. And no matter what he pitches at the church, the church is going to knock in a home run. Because I think our Daddy has got the fix in. And I think He’s appointed the church to begin to be aware this year. To where those that don’t know Him will see there’s something behind these people that are representing Him.

So I think that snow has melted and the trouble is long gone. I think spring is getting ready to spring forth in the church. And I believe you’re getting ready to hear the song birds again; praise on a level like we’ve never heard before.  I think the long hard winter is over but he trouble in the world is only beginning. And I think the trouble in the true church is coming to an ending by us joining one to the other in love. For there’s no weapon the enemy’s got that can defeat love. So get ready for love to be the main message you’ll hear. And you don’t have to worry about the faith because if you have love it will come. Where you have that love, and that faith it will discern to where godly wisdom will have its way.

I believe were in a time of tremendous change. In a time where you’re going to see Christians with a smile on her face because they’re going to be world winners. Get ready because you’re a winner! Our old winter is gone and you’re the World Champions. It’s getting ready to be revealed worldwide this coming year.

Bob’s Prayer for the Body

In Jesus name, I do bless you. And let your eyes open to see that love will enter in to you and have His perfect work in you. And bring you to that place so you’ll be a vessel of love poured out to all who come your way. In Jesus name, amen.