Ichabod Erased Forever

Ichabod Erased Forever

Ichabod Erased Forever

By Bonnie Jones

 March 2017

God has perfect timing for everything. Often times we try in our own strength and good intentions to cause things to happen. However when God’s hand is upon a thing, nothing can prevent what He desires to do. What it does require though is a willing heart. When we answer yes He says amen and the rest is history.

Forty-Year Marker

March 11, 1977 was forty years ago to the day when the Lord told Bob Jones He was removing His glory and writing Ichabod over the church because man was marketing it. They were using it for self gain to build their own kingdoms not His and He was not going share His glory with man. It took forty years to work pride and greed out of church leadership and laity alike.  On Saturday March 11, 2017 we gathered in the Bob Jones Vision Center, about 120 strong. Leonard Jones led worship beginning with “Oh Jah – Let God Arise.” And that set the stage for what would follow next. There was a strong presence of the Holy Spirit that ushered in the presence of His glory. Jon Hamill from Lamplighter Ministries brought understanding on how America embraced idolatry instead of covenant with God. We repented for the sin of the nation as well as the church for taking what belongs to God. Man cannot own what rightfully belongs to God. Christians are called to be stewards of the anointing not owners.

Bob prophesied that the glory would return after a forty-year period. But only God knew forty years ago that March 11, 2017 would be the first day of Purim? Purim represented a turn around for the Jews in Esther’s day and I believe this year marked a turn around in the body of Christ and in this nation. Like with Esther, now the King’s scepter was extended to a body of believers who reverently accepted the challenge to come boldly before the throne of grace bringing our petitions to Him. When the decree was given, the enemy was dethroned and King Jesus was lifted up. Now make way for the glory to arise.

Global Governmental Shift

I believe there was a global governmental shift in the Spirit. Our governmental decrees were made in agreement with the throne room of Heaven. Personally I have always believed that when Bob said the Lord was removing His glory from the church He meant “The Church – Worldwide” not just America. Therefore I believe the church worldwide will now begin to experience the glory of God as the harvest is in full motion. This was a mile marker for the Apostolic five-fold government being set in order.

Presence of His Glory

Prior to the meeting the Lord spoke to me saying, “There are prayers to be answered this weekend. Bob said the glory would return in forty years. There have been remnants of the fading glory up to this point. But this weekend sets the marker when I erase Ichabod forever and release My presence to those who have faith to believe. You see many don’t believe it will ever happen again. And some have already embraced in their mind hyper faith resulting in partial glory, fabrication not reality. There’s weightiness in My presence where man abides in Me without time or space, uninhibited and total freedom from man, sin and Satan. It’s a freedom from everything zone. There disease flees, mental illness leaves, lives are transformed. Bob touched My glory daily to perform miracles yet he never exploited it, he delivered the results. Now it’s time to reach out and touch the hem of My glory.”

Get ready for the glory of God to rest upon His people as they dwell in His presence. And get ready to see miracles in the midst of His glory. Not fabrication but absolute glorious glory resting upon a body of believers where the weightiness of God heals every disease and delivers every stronghold. Reach out and touch the hem of His glory. But CAUTION: don’t take credit for what God is doing. In all humility give God the glory. Ichabod has been erased forever. Let us be so thankful for God’s mercy and let us remember what its like without His presence. And let us never manipulate or take credit for His glory but quickly praise and glorify Him.