Fresh Anointing

Fresh Anointing

This is an excerpt from the 2018 Shepherd’s Rod.

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Fresh Anointing


Several times in this season I’ve had dreams regarding shoes indicating our walk with the Lord.  This is a new season and we’ve never walked this way before. The Lord dictated the following section and I simply wrote what I heard Him say. I found it cute, metaphorical and amazing. Yet I’m taking this word seriously. It’s time for the body of Christ to walk with the Lord and do what He’s called us to do and not covet another’s calling. There’s no room for jealousy and pride. It’s too late in the history of the church to play games. We must complete our race on the path He’s prepared for us not someone else. Although this is cute, it is very serious. Be blessed as you read it.



New Shoes


Every Christian is receiving new shoes. Why? The old ones are worn out. Some have been walking in circles and never going anywhere. Why? They have no direction in their life. Today I’m giving marching orders to those who have an ear to hear.


Some have been climbing a mountain but never reached the top. Why? They quit too soon. Life got tough and they gave up. Obstacles prevented them from looking beyond. The sun got in their eyes and the light blinded them. You see when they had a revelation of the Son of God they were too proud to lay their agendas down and follow Me therefore their shoes wore out. They became dusty and dry rotted. Their soles bore holes instead of being heeled.


There are some who began to run the race of life and quit. They chose to wear flip-flops because they couldn’t make up their mind if they really wanted to choose life over death. They couldn’t bridle their tongue. They knew no restraint. Their feet grew weary quickly and they were found sitting on the side of the road waiting for someone to bring fresh water.


There were some that tried to wear stilettos. Much to their surprise their feet hurt after a short time and they had to remove them. Their goal was to impress others with their height but they couldn’t walk the walk. They should have gained stature gradually but pride elevated them too soon. Pride always comes before a fall. They too sit on the curb waiting for refreshing. They were never as important as they thought, only in their own mind.


Some began their race in running shoes that were too small and the laces too tight. Their feet became blistered and sore. Why? They needed bigger shoes. They needed space to grow. They were humble and timid and afraid to speak up. They bridled their tongue and continued their race despite the discomfort. They finished the race bruised and thirsty. They received the greatest reward.


Everyone will receive new shoes today and new assignments. Will they accept or will they reject? Will they choose to continue walking the same way or will they follow Me? The choice is theirs but I’m offering new shoes to everyone. There are shoes of peace, shoes of love, shoes that will take them higher than they could ever imagine. Shoes of revelation and shoes of the extraordinary, shoes of prosperity and shoes of maturity. Who will follow Me? Who will walk with Me? Come now, let’s begin our journey today. These shoes are free for the asking and I ask that you follow Me.



New Walk


My children have never walked this way before. Why? It’s a new time and season and things they’ve done in the past won’t work in this season. I’m into creativity. I’m creating new sounds and songs, new organs and body parts. I’m creating houses of worship and songs of praise. I’m creating a brotherhood of men and sisterhood of women. I’m creating new job opportunities and a fresh fragrance in the air. My children will not grow weary nor shall they falter. Their walk is easy and their burden light. Will it be challenging? Indeed it will be because they are world changers and the world will not be pleased. They will be accused and reviled for My name sake but they shall not be moved. You see I’m walking with them and they cannot move Me.



New Identity


Now in this day you shall witness identity crises but not among My children. As they receive their new shoes and begin their new walk in Me, there shall be no doubt who they are and what position they hold in Me. Why? No more identity theft in the body of Christ? No! Jealousy, pride and resentment were left along the roadside. New shoes could not be issued until they did. Some had difficulty laying it down, others quickly removed them.


Everyone received a footbath to sooth their weary sore feet. Then fresh oil was applied to soften and smooth their feet and prepare them for fitting. You see each child’s shoe has been custom made; no two are alike. I have selected each one according to the task that lies ahead of them. Some shall sprint, some shall climb and some shall run long distance. Some shall even learn how to walk in heels and be elevated to new heights.


In Summary: It’s a new day, a new walk and a new identity in Christ. No longer can we look back to what has been. We don’t run races in reverse. We must look to the finish line and run the race of life and not grow weary. We’ve been re-sized, refitted, cleansed and anointed with fresh oil. Our journey is just beginning. Let us follow Him and cross the Bridge of the Holy Spirit together in the unity of faith.


  1. I in joying reading it and will like to read more because it helps me understand Thanh GOD for people like you

  2. I received this scripture at beginning of year for the season we are in
    Joshua 3:3-5

  3. Lord I receive my new shoes in Jesus name.

  4. Thank you Bonnie ! This word from God has so encouraged me today. Hod bless you !

  5. Thank you for this message! I ask and pray that my family line and I would wear the shoes God gives us and run the race to the finish in the Name of Jesus Christ. To be intimate lovers and worshippers of Our God and King! Anointed by Holy Spirit to do His works and above all to love the LORD our GOD with our whole heart mind and strength and to be LOVE as He Is. Seal us LORD! Come with Your Holy Fire! Do what only You can do! Love, the Family line of Karla Adele Rita Martin Hurda Muller (all my generations and those ingrafted in. Amen and Amen in the Name above all Names Yeshua Messiah!

  6. The word about new shoes witnesses to me as a true word from the Lord - not that you need me to tell you this but I like to encourage people. It is also a timely word as once again I am being attacked again with confusion regarding my calling and gifting.

    Thank you and bless you.

  7. Thank you so much.