America – Time To Return To God

America – Time To Return To God

By Bonnie Jones


Unlike most prophetic voices I’ve heard recently bringing prophecies for the New Year, my prophetic forecast is none of the like. But not to worry says the Lord, my obedience is to Him not man. To my surprise the Lord gave me two powerful dreams, the first one on Christmas Eve and the second Christmas Day. They are as follows.

Dream #1   Return to God!”

I’m in a rather small meeting room where many people are gathered. They become disinterested in whatever is taking place and begin leaving. So I jumped up and told them a well-known prophet would be speaking in fifteen minutes. To keep their interest I began telling them that it is important to hear God for your self. I noticed this prophet nodding yes as he stepped out of the room into the corridor. He was saying, “That’s what its all about!”

Suddenly the door burst open and in comes Bob Jones with this prophet right behind him. It was as if Bob cut him off at the pass. Bob was holding a three-foot tall “Life” magazine in his hand opened to center page. He’s holding it up and shaking it to get everyone’s attention.  It’s a picture of the Twin Towers on 911. He was emphatic as he shouted out, “Mira, Mira, That’s what it’s all about. Mira, Mira, Return to God!”

Both Bob Jones and the Life magazine were enlarged and definitely got everyone’s attention.

I awoke and immediately felt that if America doesn’t return to God quickly, we’re in for another 911 or something that would really shock this nation. Then I remembered that just before this dream I saw that the prophets had lost their left foot. It had been completely cut off. As I looked at this foot I could see the muscle, bone and tissue fading away till it was completely gone. I asked the doctor if there’s any way we could save it. He said, “No, it’s gone too far.” There was only a white shinbone for the prophets to stand on. Immediately I felt this was the Lord saying that the prophets didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Dream #2 “Eagle Mountain Dream”

In an experience I was standing on a tarmac where only one jet plane was parked. In the distance I could see mountains all around. An angel said to me, “Look up, I’m teaching you how to be a pilot.”  But when I looked up he said, “Tell me what color blue you see.” I said, “There’s no blue only black.” He said, “Where are you looking?”  I said, “Above the eagle!”

As I looked toward the sky I saw a great eagle carved into this huge mountain. Its wings were wide spread like America’s national eagle. Directly above it were violent black billowing clouds swooping low and rapidly rolling above the eagle’s head. As I’m watching this take place the Lord began showing me what is coming on the nation and what is coming upon the earth. Sucked up into these black clouds was lots of black murky water sweeping people away. They were being swept up and tossed to and fro as if caught up in the eye of a hurricane.  It came so rapidly no one had time to take cover.

Then the Lord began speaking to me saying, “The eagle nation is coming to a climatic end, as you know it today, says God. You see she has stood in mockery of Me so long and refuses to accept My Beloved Son. They spit at her and cheat in public and call anger and cruelty correct. (Isaiah 5:20) They are harsh on truth and lie to protect them self. It’s become a nation of whore mongering thieves that kill children and don’t protect the innocent. Their feet run to do evil and plot evil schemes one against the other.” (Proverbs 6:18)

“This day I’m saying “no” to the unrighteous and “yes” to righteousness. Where will she stop unless I intervene? I’m sending the storm of adversity and it’s going to be a dark day in American history. The economy is going to plummet yet My children shall thrive. There’s a spirit of insanity loosed against this nation and no one can trust his brother. Crime is at an all time high and parents rob their own children.”

“You are going to see six months of sheer gloom come to America. I’m giving her time to repent and repent quickly. (Isaiah 26:9) Then I’ll lift the veil of judgment against her and she will turn back to Me. Until then plan to see great devastation in the earth and hills and plains destroyed. Scorching sun and depths of water, a deluge shall strike the gulf coast. Know this, I’m protecting those who honor Me and sending plagues to those who don’t.”

I questioned the Lord about the seriousness of this word. And His response was, “My prophets have misled this nation selling them a get rich scheme and making people think everything’s going to be okay. But they don’t consider the consequence of sin and denying Me as God. Now I must raise My fist against her until she repents. I am the Hope and sure anchor of their salvation they must cling to in these times.  This separates fear from faith says God. Those who truly know their God shall cling to Me and never be rattled yet many shall fall away.”


My Commentary:

I believe we must look at both sides of the spectrum, both the kindness and severity of God. We can’t have one without the other. After all He is the God of Justice as well as the God of Mercy and Grace. Bob often said that judgment is God’s last mercy. America has pushed all the buttons for many years and slapped God in the face over and over again yet still expects Him to turn His cheek. But the prayers of the saints have come up before Him and He is righting all wrongs.

Although I believe there is great joy, peace and prosperity coming to America this year, it’s also time for her to answer for the consequences of sin against God. America has been in a nosedive for a long time and her only hope is that she turns back to God and let Him take the reigns.


Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Like Bob Jones used to say, these are the best of times and the worst of times. For those who know their God it’s going to be a good time because they know how to rest in God and keep their peace, love and joy. Their anchor of Hope is in Him. So even when the world is experiencing the worst of times the saints are secure in Christ. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people (Isaiah 60:2a) however, the glory of the Lord shall rise upon His children. (Isaiah 60:2b) After all, this is the time of great harvest and a great opportunity to lead those who sit in darkness into His marvelous light. Its time to let you light so shine so all the world can see. For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us. (2 Corinthians 1:20)

The Perfect Storm

On Day of Atonement the Lord spoke to me about a perfect storm that was coming to America. Here is an excerpt from the 2018 Shepherd’s Rod.  I believe that what God spoke in October of 2017 He is now bringing to fulfillment.

A perfect storm is upon America; financial, political, geophysical! There’s nothing she can do now but pray. She’s had years to prepare but what has she done? There are ones who have come against America that I’m removing from office. They were sent to DC to right the wrong in government; however they became part of the system too. I’ve raised up men and women to sit in the place of governmental authority and they will make changes according to My heart, not that of a silver lined pocket. Know this I’m sending ice storms this year to disable the south. Be prepared for a cold winter. I’m blasting the northeast with snowstorms and the west with drought. There is no place in the USA that won’t be touched by My nor’easter. You see the winds of change are upon America and when I blow through her with force she will gladly repent. Stubbornness has ruled this nation long enough. Rebellion has soared to an all-time high and faith has declined because people are led by fear. Now I say, “Enough is enough!” I’m telling Christians to stand strong in Me and develop your faith. Let your light so shine that all America sees Me through you. Never cower and never back down. Be bold in the Holy Spirit and let your faith arise.

I believe the first dream Bob stepped out of the great cloud of witnesses to bring correction to America’s prophets. Although they are bringing encouraging words they are not bringing God’s warning to the people. People tend to ignore or criticize the prophet who brings a harsh word however the prophet must answer to God for every word they bring. One must remember, a true prophet speaks the oracles of God and therefore releases blessings, corrections and judgments. They are the voice of God in the earth today. And that’s why they must be in proper alignment with Him to release His words not their own. Often times Bob brought harsh or difficult words contrary to other prophetic voices and he received a lot of criticism. But he was in right standing with God and his words did not fail because he spoke the oracles of God.

I believe this is a clarion call to this great eagle nation “Return to God!” Although she will go through a time of darkness, as judgment is evident, let the saints arise and let their lights so shine. Christ is their sustenance and their hope is in Him. This is every Christian’s opportunity to be a witness of God’s love to their fellow American and share His mercy and grace. It’s not a time to be critical; it’s time to love one another.

Let’s face it, when 911 happened the American church was not ready. That’s been sixteen long years ago and we’ve had time to prepare. Let us not waste our opportunity to be part of the greatest harvest of all time.

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  1. Thank You Bonnie.

  2. Thank you for this word & promise from the Lord, as I feel the life of God in it. Amen!

  3. Lord, Please place me in my placement in You soon. Rescue me from myself. I want all of You Lord.


  4. Thank you Bonnie . ❤️

  5. What is the meaning of the name Bob uses in the dream Mira??I just sent a email to a friend yesterday and had an encounter with the Spirit in which I heard the following "The door of Grace is closing"I'm not even sure many in church are even born again saved, and yet the black clouds, I feel mean the gospel has been so muddied that I suspect many will not enter heaven. I would love some response, Alone in Canada

  6. Thank you for the word it it caused the Holy Ghost in me to travail that weep because it is true thank you so much for your courage pray that God will prosper me so that I can help you I'm 71 years old and I live in North Texas as an intercessor this is a very dry and Barren Place spiritually I thank God for the opportunity to pray and stand in the gap for the people that God wants John 3:16 through the end of the chapter

  7. Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing this message. We all need to submit to God’s perfect will and love as God loves.

  8. I love the word of God in Bob I feel God’s presence when I was reading, yes I sense the same to me in Church when the Lord wisper to me a word of correction for someone or for the Church people, authority won’t let me speak for fear of me offending the people with what I have to say.

  9. I found this link and prophecy by complete chance, and the "black murky water sweeping people away" line made me jump. Thank you, this has been the subject of 5 years' full time research by me. You're welcome to see a link on facebook, #sustainedtsunami.


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