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Remnant Seed

The Remnant Seed of God Bob Jones with Paul Keith Davis God’s people are the remnant seed. The Lord is getting ready to sow again the remnant of His people. Many Christians are literally in a time of death to self; the seed of God is sown with travail and weeping. One of the main […]


Ezekiel 47 Waters

WATER TO THE KNEE Bob Jones and Keith Davis On July 6, 1999 Bob received a revelation from the Lord concerning a Texas politician, a portion of which we have already released. However, there were aspects of this vision that we did not initially include until we had a more thorough understanding of its application. […]


Repentance, Righteousness & Power Evangelism

REPENTANCE, RIGHTEOUSNESS  & POWER EVANGELISM Bob Jones and Keith Davis February 9, 1999 In August of 1994 Bob had a very unusual prophetic encounter, one that we have not wholly understood even to this day. In this encounter, Bob received a telephone call from whom he clearly recognized as me. He plainly identified my voice […]