Fresh Anointing
This is an excerpt from the 2018 Shepherd’s Rod. The complete book is available to pre-order at our on-line bookstore “” and on ebook Fresh Anointing   Several times in this season I’ve had dreams regarding shoes indicating our walk with the Lord.  This is a new season and we’ve never walked this way before. The Lord dictated the […]

The Second Reformation Is At Hand
 The Second Reformation Is At Hand By Bonnie Jones   Through two vivid dreams on Day of Atonement I believe the Lord is signifying a radical transformation and revival in the Catholic Church worldwide. Is the second “Reformation” at hand? I believe the handwriting is on the wall and its time to be read.   […]

The Old Lamplighter
The Old Lamplighter By Bonnie Jones The other day the Lord woke me with a song that was popular in the late fifties, “The Old Lamplighter” by The Browns. Not only did I hear the song but I saw Bob Jones as well. The song is about an older white haired widower who walked about […]


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